Black Magic Spell to attract luck and money

Black Magic Spell to attract luck and money


This magic and sacrifice will help you to get the good luck, or know from Greek science as Fortuna. She is the goddess who controls the fortunate and four steps of life. This magic will help you with this sacrifice so that they may look at you and give you luck and prosperity.

You need to have thirteen candles made of eight allspice made stick, with sandals wooden and eight fevers. Two cat pins, four horses and a rabbit (should be white in color, should not be more than a year and deep red eyes).


Create a large circle and make a star inside the circle – you will see that the star has ten pairs, each sandwich lays candles on each joint, and the left on the left side of the remaining 3 bed. Keep the sunlight stick with lightweight and 3 candles, then you need to catch the rabbit and make it rabbit of death using horse shoes and cat stripes, as soon as Rabbit Marie Rabbit’s tail and burn it. Give it The candles of the candle, you need to rabbit, and the rabbit light the lamp

“Goddess of fortress, I offer you a new rabbit meat instead of my sacrifice and rotate a fortune of luck.”

Black Magic Spell to attract luck and money
Black Magic Spell to attract luck and money

You need to perform this ritual 9 times should divided into three Saturday, 3 Thursday and 3 Tuesday of 3 consecutive months of the same year. The New Year that will begin with you will realize that fate takes advantage of all parts of your life and you get a lot of money in a variety of ways like a gambling or a job or someone to tell you it tells you that you have any kind of money or money by inheritance.

Black Magic Spell
Black Magic Spell

Good luck spells for money & job

There are magic spells for a few specific spells, love spells, money spells and off course luck spells, today we will discuss some good luck for money, money, etc. is a good luck we all We all wish to have a good fortune when it comes from money, job or anything else, so today I have to briefly tell you about the lucrative spells and why they are casting and Then I will mention some lucky mantras. You can put yourself for good luck.


Fate is considered a very important factor, no matter what our daily life or any special occasion. That way we need fate to always be on our side. Sometimes we find that destiny is not that we will not favor it and the type of type when we need fate, we need most of the time we need it. For money or for a job or a particular one. To get money, nasty magic will increase our good fortune when it comes to getting money, maybe using gambling or betting methods or casino or casino or just one only lotto drive, also Whenever it is worth getting money, magic for money always gives us an upper hand to make money close to us. Similarly, the magic of a good fortune for a job will give us a high hand when working things like good work, or increase current employment or being admitted by elders and recommended in job.


A good luck magic for money, work etc. Generally what you will find above mentioned above, listen to your problem and then you need a Specific well-known magic designs are casting experienced and learned spell-makers for two different types of fate and one task that you can make for yourself and holding a good fortune for each other.


Good luck spells for money


You need gold coin and a silver coin, you will also need some fate oil, put three drops of luck oil on the head side of each gold coin and silver coin, Keep both the head of the head with the stick. Put the coins with your thumb fingers firmly and spell the peak below, perform this magic for a continuous day to start a new moon day and repeat every once twice a day. If you are finished, you’ll have to make a hole on the scan and slide a black thread on the scan and after wearing a lamp on your neck, after wearing a cheese and with money like biting or playing. I will try luck. A casino and see what kind of fate you support.

Good luck spells for job

The magic of this good fortune helps you get through any type of interview, so if this is your first interview or if you have an interview with your internal job posting (IPJ) Before you make sure to put the right spell before, the day you are being called for an interview or interview queries, or sitting for interview examinations.

You will have to put the first place the dress to wear for your interview next day, keep it on a red chart paper and cover it with red rose petals; you have a water bottle of water and some blueberry fever. There will also be need for ceiling. After keeping your clothes on the red mat paper, sprout blue berry and keep it on the middle of the dress, make sure your dress is already covered with red rose petals, then roses on your clothes. Sprinkle water so that every piece of your clothes is a perfume of rose water. Then throw three or four columns next to the next magicians until the fever sprouts, the same morning the same clothes are reached when interviewing is ready, perhaps you can pray for success and help you with the help of your magic. Get out of Return to any reason.



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