Marriage Spells
Marriage Spell

Marriage Spells

Marriage Spells, if you have already read to make love and make the magic of love. I mean how to make someone love you for black magic. Then this is the same expansion. And if your boyfriend likes you in any way. You can apply this to your boyfriend and prepare to tie the squad and get the oath, Marriage Spells.

Marriage Spells, you first need to buy a doll. If you are a lady you have married, then buy a female doll and opposite anti-sex. Take two pounds of soil, mix it with water and make your name dress using soil. Whatever doll you bring will have to be a dress. So to remove all the clothes from the doll’s body. buy one-meter long saffron colour cloth.  Now make a doll with saffron clothes.  Use some orange and red colour that colour the clay and then mess around the doll’s neck. You’ll get a small piece of a gift item or one piece your lover has given you. If it is pink wings then magic will work best, especially if you are red in the red, Marriage Spells.

How to perform magic spells

Marriage Spells, stick the rose petal or the piece of the gift with the doll making sure it never gets detached. Then take two Guinea Sun, cut half and take the whole blood into a bowl. Once you all are ready with it. Then come next step, you have to choose one day. This season Spring will be in the month of the month. When new flowers are opened, in the spring month 7 or 14, 28, or 28th have to keep in mind that the date is on Sunday, Tuesday or Friday. So when choosing a date, be very specific to meet that day and you know it already, Marriage Spells.

This Info Graphic is cover Marriage Spell
This InfoGraphic is cover Marriage Spell

Marriage Spells, just as it is said according to the specific day and date of the particular month, exactly when two minutes stay at 3 o’clock in the morning, then go to a grave and keep the doll in your hand. The soul is to live for life, as I ask you to meet your soul, so you met me, my soul united with my body, the name of your boyfriend or the person you want to marry. Are you in the name? Really wonder it 101 times and then take a boat and go deep into a river and throw this doll as far as you can, Marriage Spells.

Marriage Spells, you all do this but make sure that if anyone does not do it, nobody sees you or stops you, and then you will have to repeat the entire wedding spelling again. All this should be you alone, and for any reason, you should not have any. Remote throw your dolls, at least for the person whose marriage with you.

Mechanism of Process: 

Marriage Spells, this process can do both male and female but the condition is that we should get permission first, without permission there will no benefit.

Marriage Spells, every time recite the name of ALLAH 1)YA LATEEFU  2) offers nawafil necessity for marriage and at night time recite Darood e Ibrahimi before and last 11 times with surah Ikhlas 41 times and do pray for their purpose.

Marriage Spells, this process has limit only 40 days and Insha’Allah you will get success in your purpose. But remember that this process cannot do by everyone. Only do who have true love boy/girl each other. Get love marriage with each other. Live together forever with peace and love it means for a lawful purpose and for legal marriage.

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