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First of all astrologist,No.1 Famous Astrologer Degree Holder from United Kingdom. He is Professor Rohani Aamil Ubaid ullah Chishti. All the consultant astrologers listed here are Faculty Diploma holders who have signed and agreed to abide by the Faculty’s Code of Ethics. The current Code of Ethics has been place since 1999. So diploma holders who qualified before then signed the Code of Ethics pre. The majority of Consultant Astrologers undertake client work by direct personal consultation.

Furthermore many also undertake Written Chart Interpretations. Telephone consultations or provide recordings by post or email for clients. So these clients for whatever reason, are unable to visit an astrologer personally. And fees vary according to the amount and type of work required. And should be discussed and agreed with your chosen consultant astrologer in advance.

Astrologist Online

In addition Skype consultations are possible with many astrologers meaning that you can consult an astrologer from across the world. Several of our consultants also offer consultations in more than one language, for example Spanish and Italian.

Furthermore a wide range of astrological skills and specialties are offered by the Consultant Astrologers listed on the Locate an Astrologer page:

And character analysis: general interpretation of the client’s Birth Chart, including an analysis of the major life themes, challenges and potentials revealed in the unatal chart.

And forecasting: the development of the Birth Chart over time, including interpretation of past, current and future trends and events in the client’s life.

In addition vocational: an analysis of specific career and/or vocational potential shown in the Birth Chart.
And personal relationships: an analysis of relationship issues revealed in the client’s Birth Chart, and of the themes emerging from chart comparison.

Astrologist Online

And children’s Charts: general interpretation of the major themes and potentials indicated in the Birth Charts of children.

And ongoing Work: indicates consultant astrologers who work on an ongoing basis with clients.
Business Astrology: for clients with specific issues concerning companies, business development and finance matters.

So mundane Astrology: the astrology of countries and world events.

Esoteric Astrology: for clients wishing to use astrology for spiritual understanding and self development.
Horary Astrology: for clients with a specific question. Horary astrology is the art of interpreting a chart which is drawn up at the moment a question is asked.

Electional Astrology: for clients who wish to select the best day and time for events, such as marriage, inaugurations, document signing, etc.

Rohani Astrology: ancient Hindu astrology developed and applied to modern day life.
Rectification: for clients who do not have a time of birth, Rectification is a branch of astrological work aimed at finding the most likely birth time from past events in a person’s life. Although this is not always conclusive, it can be a worthwhile exercise.

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